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public - created 11/30/03
For all those people of the mission in SF who want to share neighborhood events, news, items, situations. Definitely Queer friendly but open to all who live here and even those who live far.
But an appreciation of this eclectic barrio is a must! RSS Feed what is XML?
Meeting Single Moms Today  topic
Does anyone else want to take moderatorship?  topic
So here I am, the moderator, checking in to thi...  topic
HipstersBeware.jpeg  photo flag
Why I need to move to the Mission  topic
nudist girl  photo flag
MotionlessEye.jpg  photo flag
What do you like best about the Mission?  topic
Go see Love Tags on Valencia at 19th...  topic
Revival of a death of a tribe? mayhaps...  topic
Vegan or organic eateries?  topic
New Music and Dance School in the Mission!!!!  topic
good morning!  topic
Helllooooooo....gawd I missed the old days here...  topic
Property values and rents in the mission  topic
Azimendi Bakery  topic
Mission Folks! "My First Place" is Casting!  topic
TOUR II: Walking Across America  topic
have u seen this  topic
Hi there Mission folks!  topic
Moving to SF OCT 4th  topic
BBC reports on Mission Hipsters  topic
My awesome Mission sublet!!  topic
Join the ZEN ARMY!  topic
anyone see the police action on black 5.0 musta...  topic

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